Flylinktech 5.0AH 18V Replacement Bosch coolpack batteries for Bosch BAT609 BAT610G BAT618G BAT620 and More Other Bosch 18 V lithium ion Cordless Tools With LED Indicator

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Regarding Flylinktech
Flylinktech is Professional for power tool battery.
Flylinktech is always providing high quality power items with the best materials.
Flylinktech promise superb customer care and also cash back within 30 days.

Substitute Bosch Battery 18V 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion for Bosch 18 V-LI Combi Drill/ GDR 18 V-LI Impact Driver

Replacement Part numbers:
2 607 336 092, 2 607 336 236, BAT619G, BAT619, 2 607 336 169, BAT609G, 2 607 336 170, 2 607 336 235, 2 607 336 091, BAT609, BAT618, BAT618G, BAT610G

Suitable With:
17618,17618-01, 24618-01, 25618, 25618-01, 25618-02, 26618, 26618-01, 3601H61S10, 36618-02, 37618, 37618-01, GSB 18V-LIN, GSB 18VE-2-LI, GSB 18-2-LI, GSK 18V-LI, GSR 18V-LI, GSR 18V-LIN, GSR 18VE-2-LI, GSR 18-2-LI, GST 18V-LI, GWS 18V-LI, BSH180, CAG180-01, CCS180, CCS180B, CCS180K, CFL180, CFL180B, CRS180, CRS180B, CRS180K, DDS180-01, DDS180-03, DGSH-181, FHN180, HDS180-03, HTH181-01, HTH182-01, IWH181-01, IWHT180-01, IWHT181-01, JSH180-01, PB360S, RHH180-01, RHS181-01, GBH 18V-LI, GBH 18 VH, GCB 18V-LI, GDR 18V-LI, GDR 18V-LI MF, GDR 18-LI, GDS 18V-LI, GDS 18V-LI HT, GKS 18V-LI, GSA 18V-LI, GSB 18V-LI,

1 * Flylinktech bosch 18v battery 5000mAh

Concerning charging:
After utilizing the power, it is recommended to complete charge to use.and the drill is much more effective, Longer batttery life.

When charging, keep it dry as well as take it in a vacant, as well as where there is no flammable product to make sure safety.Pull out the power after full cost.

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