POWERGIANT 14.4V 3.0Ah Cordless Drill Battery for Dewalt DE9094 DE9091 DE9092 DC9091 DC9094 DE9031 DE9038 DW9091 DW9094, 1 Year Warranty

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Technical Specification
Battery Type: Ni-MH, Voltage: 14.4 V, Ability: 3000mAh/ 3.0 Ah.

Large actual 3000mAh nimh battery, hassle-free to use, bill it as needed.
Safe as well as reputable, with overload, overcharge, brief circuit protection.
CE, Rohs, FCC approval, strictly checked prior to delivery, well packed in cardbox.

Substitute for dewalt 14.4 V battery version.
DC9091 DC9094.
DE9031 DE9038 DE9091 DE9092 DE9094 DE9502.
DW9091 DW9094.

Compatible with the complying with models.
DC728KA DC730KA DC731KA DC731KB DC732KL DC733KA DC733KL DC735KA DC735KB DC757KA DC757KB.
DC830KA DC830KB DC833KA DC835KA DC835KB.
DC930KA DC935KA DC935KB DC935VA DC936KA DC936VA.
DC983KA DC983SA DC984 DC984KA DC984KB DC984SA DC984VA DC985KA DC985VA.
DCD920KX DCD930 DCD930B2 DCD930KX DCD930L2 DCD930VX DCD935 DCD935B2.
DW054K-2 DW055K-2.
DW906 DW911 DW918 DW928K DW928K-2 DW931K DW931K-2 DW935 DW935K DW937K DW941K DW941K-2 DW954 DW954K-2 DW957 DW957K DW957K2 DW966K DW966K-2.

Please make certain exactly what you get fit your devices, make use of "Ctrl" + "F" for a fast search, have any questions about the compatibilities, do not hesitate to contact us to verify it.

Rechargeale Battery Maintenance.
– The battery must be completely billed before first usage.
– Remove it from power tool when not in use.
– Charge it once for every 3 months.
– Do not Separation, extrusion, as well as impact.

we standby 30 Days refund,12 Months warranty for any quality-related things, A pleased shopping experience is our # 1priority, have any type of issues simply don't hesitate to call us.
So just acquire items create POWERGIANT with self-confidence.

Bundle Includes:.
1x Replacement Dewalt battery.
1x Instructions.

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