POWERGIANT EB1212S 12V 3.0Ah NIMH Cordless Tool Battery for Hitachi EB1214S EB1214L EB1220BL EB1230HL EB1230R EB1230X EB1233X BCC1215

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Battery Type: Ni-MH, Voltage: 12V, Ability:3000 mAh/3.0 Ah, Shade: Black.

NI-MH battery includes no contamination, no memory impact, you could charge it as needed, extremely convenient.
With CE certification, brief circuit security, overheat and also overload defense, things are strictly examined, you can feel unwinded to utilize it.
With excellent quality cells, it operates as the initial Hitachi battery.

Substitute for initial Hitachi battery.
Hitachi EB1212S EB1214L EB1214S.
EB1220BL EB1220HL; EB1220HS EB1220RS.
EB 1222HL EB 1226HL EB 1230HL EB 1230R.
EB 1230X EB 1233X.
320386 320387 320388 320606 320608 320686.
321652 322629 323226 324279 324360 324361 324362.

Compatible with the adhering to Hitachi 12v power device.

Hitachi C 5D.
Hitachi CD 4D.
Hitachi CL 13D.
Hitachi DB 12DM2.
Hitachi DH 15D2, DH 15DV.
Hitachi DN 12DY, DN 12DYK, DN 12Y.
Hitachi DW 18D.
Hitachi FDS 12DVC.
Hitachi FDV 12DV.
Hitachi R 9D, RB 18D.
Hitachi UB 12DL, UB 5D,.
Hitachi WP 12DA,.

Hitachi FWH Series.
FWH 12DC2, FWH 12DC3, FWH 12DD,.

Hitachi DS Series.

DS 10DTA, DS 10DVA, DS 12DM,.
DS 12DM2, DS 12DV, DS 12DVB,.
DS 12DVB2, DS 12DVB2KS, DS 12DVF,.
DS 12DVF2, DS 12DVF3.

Hitachi WR Series.
WR 12DAF, WR 12DAF, WR 12DAF2, WR 12DM,.
WR 12DM2, WR 12DMR.

Hitachi WH Series.
WH 12DAF, WH 12DAF2,.
WH 12DM, WH 12DM2, WH 12DM2 K,.
WH 12DMR, WH 12DMR2.

Please make sure just what you purchase fits your power device, have any inquiries, just do not hesitate to call us.
It is a great idea to clean unclean battery calls with a cotton bud and also alcohol which assists preserve a good link in between the battery and the device.

Bundle includes:.
1 x Replacement battery.
1 x Instructions.

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