Green Cell® 2607335685 Battery Pack for Bosch Power Tools (Ni-Cd 1.5Ah 14.4V)

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Eco-friendly Cell 2607335685 battery pack with original high capability Green Cell Ni-Cd cells designed to fit Bosch power tools.

The use of best cells and also electronic circuits permits you to stay unplugged for extended amount of times, providing lengthy battery life. Protection circuits guarantee safety to make sure power flows securely. This model is designed for the most demanding individuals.

Green Cell cells have high power density resulting in long battery life and also longevity. This 2607335685 battery pack is created to maintain high capacity for a long period of time.

Environment-friendly Cell delivers a rigorously evaluated, safety-inspected as well as quality-assured batteries which guarantees you satisfaction with a lengthy cycle life span.

Technical information.

Brand: Green Cell|Series: Green Cell S-series|Cells type: Green Cell Ni-Cd cells|Battery ability: 1.5 Ah|Voltage: 14.4 V.

Dedicated as a substitute of the battery pack model: 2607335685.