12V 3.0Ah Ni-Mh Replacement for Dewalt Battery DE9074 DE9075 DE9071 DE9501 DC9071 DE9037 DE9072 DW9071 DW9072 DW912 A9252 A9266 A9275 PS130 EZWA49 EZWA60 EZWA61 152250-27 397745-01

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We focus on developing as well as making varieties of Power Tool batteries with excellent quality and affordable price. Your complete satisfaction is on the top of our agenda.
Change PN:
for DeWalt DC9071 DE9037 DE9072 DE9074 DE9075 DE9086 DE9274 DE9501 DW9071 DW9072

Fit Model:
2872B 2872K-2 2872KQ 2898B 2898K DC528 (Flash Light) DC540 DC540K DC542 DC542K DC612KA DC614KA DC727KA DC727KA-AR DC727KA-B2 DC727VA DC740 DC740K-2 DC740KA DC740KZ DC742KA DC742VA DC743KA DC743KB DC745KA DC745KB DC756KA DC756KB DC840KA DC840KB DC841KA DC845KA DC845KB DC940KA DC945KB DC980KA DC980KB DC981KA DC981KB DC981KZ DCD910KX DCD940B2 DCD945B2 DCDK12 DE9071 DW051K DW051K-2 DW052K DW052K-2 DW052K2H DW052Z DW053K DW053K-2 DW053K2H DW904( Flash Light) DW907K-2 DW907K2H DW907Z DW912 DW915 (Flash Light) DW917 (Flash Light) DW924K-B2 DW924K-B3 DW924K2AR DW924K2B2 DW924K2B3 DW924K2BR DW927K DW927K-2 DW927K2 DW927KV-2 DW930 DW930K DW940K DW940K-2 DW953 DW953K DW953K-2 DW953KF-2 DW953KS-2 DW953KV-2 DW953RFK2 DW965 DW965K DW965K-2 DW968K-2 DW970 DW971K-2 DW972 DW972B DW972K DW972K-2 DW972KQ-2 DW972KS-2 DW972RLK2 DW974K DW974K-2 DW974KQ DW975B DW975K DW976K DW977B DW977K DW979 DW979K DW979K-2 DW979K2-BR DW980 DW980K-2 DW981 DW981KD-2 DW981KF-2 DW981KQ

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Battery Storage – If you do not plan on using the Power Tool Battery for a month or more, store it in a clean, completely dry, cool location away from heat and steel things.