Dewalt Cordless 18 V DT1947 Circular SAEGE Blade 136/10 mm 24WZ Pack of 6)

The DEWALT Construction Trim Saw Blades have sturdy pointers, syntheticed to preserve a sharper innovative with raised working life. With a Nail Tough style, for puncturing nail ingrained wood. Its slim kerf blade style returns much more cuts each fee, minimising battery drain, whilst the tripe triple activity sharpening procedure grinds the suggestion to a razor sharp edge offering a smooth surface. These blades are designed specifically for usage with DEWALT Cordless Trim Saws. This DEWALT Construction Trim Saw Blade has the adhering to requirements: Blade Diameter: 136mm. Bore Size: 10mm. Tooth Count: 24. Kerf: 1.5 mm.Rake: POS.Hook Angle: +20. Grind: Alternate Top Bevel.Pack Qty: 1. PTDDEWDT1947QZ

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