FengWings® 1x 18V 3000mAh Makita Power tool Battery BL1830 with 1.5 A Makita Charger

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Plan included: It is to replace x1 Charger as well as 1x battery BL1830
1pcs battery charger:
Description as well as Specification
BL1830 billing time: 120 minutes
BL1430 billing time: 90min
Voltage: 7.2 V.
Charging existing: 1.5 A.
Condition: 100% Brand New.
Warranty: 6 months service warranty.
For designs:.
Suitable P/N:.
CH01 clean.
Fits Models:.
For Makita 7.2 V – 18 V LXT Li-ion tool battery.
Makita Li-ion device battery.
BL1845 BL1840 BL1830 BL1815 BL1440 BL1430 BL1415 Series.
Makita DC18RA DC18SC DC1803 DC1804 DC14SA Charger Series.
Charging present = 1.5 A.
BL1830 charging time: 120min.
BL1430 billing time: 90min.
1pcs battery BL1830:.
Summary and also Specification.
Voltage: 18 V.
Capacity: 3000 mAh.
Colour: Black.
Cells: LG 10 cells.
For versions:.
Makita Tool BHP451 BHP451SFE BDF451/BDF451Z BDF452RFE BTD140 BTD1 BHP440SFE BTD140Z BTW251 BSS501 BSS610 BSS610Z BSS610SFE BJR181 BJR181Z BJV180 BML184 BML185 (Flashlight) BJS130/BDA350/BFS450 BHR202 BFR750 BHP454 BTD141 BTDW251Z BTP140 BTD141Z BTD144Z BTD144 BTL063 BTL061 BTL063Z BTL061Z BHP452 BHR240 BHR240Z BDF452SHE BDF454RFE BFR450RFE BGA452RFE BHP452SHE BHP454RFE BHR202RFE BJR181RF BJV180RF BSS610RF BTD140RFE BTD142SHE BTD145RFE BTP140RFE BTW251RFE BTW450RFE BVR450RFE BDF451RFE BHP451RFE BKP180RFE BDF452Z BDF454Z BFR450Z BGA452Z BHP452Z BHP454Z BHR202Z BJR181Z BJV180Z BSS610Z BTD140Z BTD142Z BTD145Z BTP140Z BTW251Z BTW450Z BVR450Z BKP180Z BGD800Z BGD801Z BVC350Z BCF201Z BCL180Z BCS550Z BDA351Z BDF452Z BFS450Z BHP452Z BJS130Z BJS161Z BPB180Z BUB182Z BMR100 BMR102 Radio BMR104 radio.

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