A-SZCXTOP Ultrasound Laser Distance Meter 60 Feet/18M Laser Measuring Instrument Rangefinder with Infrared Lase LCD Display

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Improvement of errors: "Error" is displayed when the actual range befalls of the measuring array
With infrared laser, Easy as well as Convenient to utilize
15 seconds without any automatic closure procedure
Automatic Error correction feature, if the range goes beyond or is much less compared to the reliable
dimension variety, the screen reveals "Error".
Dimension data can be added, increased and immediately compute results.

Color: Yellow+ Black.
With laser guideline and also 1 meter tape measure.
Foot/Meter display alternatives.
Area/Volume calculator.
Measuring Range: 0.5 m to 18m.
Large LCD display with LED backlight.
Automobile closure after 15 secs without pressing any secret.
Adjustment of mistakes: "Error" is shown when the real distance falls out of the determining variety.
Power supply: 1 x 1.5 V 23A batteries (Not consisted of).
Precision: +/ -0.5%.
Ultrasonic Frequency: 40 KHz.
Working temperature level: 0 ° C ~ 43 ° C.
Dimensions (H-P-l): 70 x 40 x 40mm.
Weight (without battery): 60g.
Laser light beam: Wattage 1mW (mW =milliwatt).
Wavelength: 650nm (nm =nanometer).

Bundle Content.
1 x Ultrasonic distance meter (product packaging and also Batteries Is Not Included).
1 x English customer Manual.