Ameter Laser Measure 60m, 196ft Mini Handheld Laser Distance Meter Digital Rangefinder

  • LASER DISTANCE METER 40m/131ft Area Volume Pythagorean Measurement
  • SNDWAY Premium Distance Measurer 40M 60M 80M 100M Laser Range Finder Laser Distance Meter
  • Review: UNI-T UT391 Laser Distance Meter / Electronic tape measure
  • Introducing the Extech DT-M Series Laser Distance Meters
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Several feature mode supplies you a simple, accurate and also quick dimension; Mini size style supplies an excellent hold sensation as well as allows you to take it almost everywhere easily, widely utilized in Design, Design and also Building Field (areas, houses, buildings, properties, factories, storehouses); Select Ameter Laser Procedure, obtains you a more reliable life.

Determining variety: 0. 05 to 60m
Dimension settings: Continuous measurement, location/ volume/ pythagorean theorem measurement, Max/min measurement.
Precision: ┬▒ 2mm( 0.079 inch).
Mute feature: Yes.
Laser type: Class 2, 635nm.

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