Aoafun High Precision Handheld Laser Distance Measure 60 M Digital Laser Tape Measure Measuring Range 0.05 ~ 60 M/± 1.5 mm with LCD Backlight, Dust IP54) with Volume/Surface/Pythag Orean

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Easy to use:
Easy enhancement/ subtraction of measurement. Establish front/ rear benchmark. Switchable amongst metre (m), inch (in), feet (feet).
Quick dimension of range, area and also quantity with one switch procedure. Indirect measurement by Pythagorean thesis.
Automatic computation of location and volume. Large LCD with backlight.
Digital Laser Distance Meter is intended to determine Lengths, sizes, Height and Clearan

Unique and compact:
Features the ultra-compact as well as unique design with a belt clip, considering only 100g so it takes less room as well as can conveniently fit into any bag

Measure array:0.05 -60 M.
Measure precision: ± 2.0 mm.
Determining systems: m/in/ft.
Laser class: II.
Laser type:620 -670 nm,.

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