Laser Measuring Device 60m 197ft, FLOUREON Laser Distance Meter Handheld Accurate Digital Laser Measuring Tape Tool for Length Area Volume Measuring in m/in/ft 4 Line LCD Display, Battery Included

  • How to use a Laser Distance/Range Measure - distance/area/volume/pythagorus (TACKLife review)
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This Floureon Expert Laser Distance Meter uses laser modern technology to gauge range, location and quantity properly, quickly as well as easily.

This laser measuring device can make use of Pythagorean Theorem to measure ranges or lengths indirectly when straight measurement is not possible.

Laser distance meter is really helpful and hassle-free to offer exact measurement of distance, area and volume especially in huge areas such as rooms,
houses, structures, real estates, factories, storehouses, gardens, roadways, infrastructures, and so on

Requirements: -Measuring variety: 60m (197ft).
– Accuracy: ± 5mm ( ± 0.16 inch).
– Laser class: Class II.
– Laser kind: 635nm,.

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