Qyuhe® Laser Measure Distance Meter 80M/262.5ft Measuring Device Tool with Backlit Display

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QYUHE 80M/ 262.5 ft Laser Action, laser distance meter.

This product is desighed by around the world recognized team, the laser distance meter is thin and also angular. Beutiful geometry reveals its hardness and also strength. Anti-skidding lines on both sides allow a comfortable as well as trustworthy griping.
Distance dimension, Area/ Volume as well as pythagorean computation are supplied to fulfil most of dimension conditions.

KEEP IN MIND: Don't look straight right into the light beam with optical help or route it in the direction of other people unneeded.

The optimum gauging array: 80M/ 262.5 ft.
Measuring accuracy: about 1.5 mm.
Gauging devices: m/ in/ feet/ ft + in.
Laser course: Class 2.
Laser type: 635nm,.