SNDWAY Portable Digital Laser Measure Laser Distance Measurer with Pythagorean Mode, Area&Volume Calculation, Range Finder / Digital Tape Measure with Bubble Level Rangefinder Range Finder Tape Measuring up to 80 m (0.16 to 262ft)

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Instant measurement of distance, area & volume with one button procedure: YES
Wide gauging range: YES
High precision: ± 2mm (0.079 inch).
Automatic computation of Area and Volume: YES.
Indirect measurement by Pythagorean Theorem: YES.
Single/Continous measurement: YES.
Max/Min range tracking (display value): YES.
Easy Addition/ Subtraction of measurement: YES.
Establish front/ rear standard: YES.
Selectable meter( m), inch( in) and feet( feet): YES.
Information save/ recall feature: YES.
Information Hold/ Data clear function: YES.
Air Bubble Level: YES, Included.
Easy targeting with bright laser reminder: YES.
Huge LCD with backlight and multi-line display (4 lines): YES.
Auto adjustment as well as mistake report innovation: YES.
Buzzer indicator: YES.
Battery standing Indication: YES.
IP54 defense (dirt & dash evidence): YES.
Auto/ Manual power off function: YES.
Multifunction with smart calculation: YES.
Compact & convenient design: YES.
CE, ROHS, FCC certification: YES.
Measuring array: 0.05 to 80m/60M/40M (0.16 to 262ft/197ft/131ft).
Acurracy: ± 2mm (0.079 inch).
Laser course: Class II.
Laser optimal outcome:.