Digital Multimeter, Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter Multi Tester 6000 Counts AC/DC Voltage/Current Resistance Detector Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Ampere Meters Includes Alligator Clips Electronic Measuring Instrument with Backlight LCD

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High Precision

The Multimeter can precise procedure AC/DCvoltage

as well as current, resistance, connection, diode, capacitance and live line test.

Professional and also Double Protection

6000 matters present, True RMS, CAT VI 600V, much better to be safety and security for usage. When it involves electronic devices you require theright screening tools to make certain you're replacing the right part.


This multimeter can help you that. From aslittle as examining house integrates to examining automobile wiring as well as battery voltage, this inexpensive Voltmeter is a have to and also very easy to use after reviewing thesupplied directions.


DC Voltage Range and Accuracy:600 mV 6V 60V 600V ±( 0.5% +3), 1000V ±( 0.8% +10).

Air Conditioning Voltage Range and also Accuracy:6 V 60V 600V ±( 0.8% +5)/ 750V ±( 1.2% +10).

DC Current Range and also Accuracy:600 μA 6000mA( 0.8% +3)/ 60mA 600mA 10 (2% +30).

Air Conditioning Current Range as well as Accuracy:600 μA 6000μA ±( 0.8% +10), 60mA 600mA 10A ±( 2% +30).

Capacitance Range as well as Accuracy:60 nf 600nf 6uf 60uf( 3.5.0% +20)/ 600uf/6000uF ( ± 5.0% +10).

Resistance Range and Accuracy: 600? (0.8% +5)/ 6K 60K 600KΩ 6MΩ ±( 0.8% +3), 60MΩ ±( 1% +25).

Frequency Range and also Accuracy:10 HZ 100HZ 1KHZ 10KHZ 100KHZ 1MHZ/20MHZ ( ± 0.1% +3).

Show:6000 counts.

Bundle Content:.

1 x HY-19 Digital Multimeter.

1 x 9V Battery.

2 x User's Manual.

2 x sharpest pet cat.

2 x Test Leads.

2 x Alligator Clips.

2 x Test hooks.

1 x Plastic box.