Digital Multimeter, LESHP AC DC Voltage Current Tester Multifunction Auto Ranging Multimeter Electronic Measuring Instrument Audible Continuity Tester with LCD Display Backlight

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LESHP Digital Multimeter collection of instruments making use of the word high 15mm LCD present with backlight, even in low light areas could clearly read the screen value. It is a high performance, high dependability, compact handheld figure electronic multimeter vehicle array. This Meter is created to meet IEC 61010-1 & CAT II 600V over voltage classification and double insulation. The meter with holster that is providing the main body, though downsized, high resistance versus the shock of a decline. The DMM as basic measurement device and extensively made use of in the institution, lab, manufacturing facility as well as various other social field.

DC Voltage: 200mV/ 2V/ 20V/ 200V+ _( 0.5% +2) 600V+ _( 1.2% +3).
A/C Voltage: 2V/ 20V/ 200V+ _( 0.9% +3) 600V+ _( 1.2% +3).
DC Current: 200uA/ 2000uA/ 20mA/ 200/mA/ 10A+ _( 1.5% +3).
Air Conditioner Current: 200uA/ 2000uA/ 20mA/ 200mA/ 10A+ _( 1.5% +4).
Resistance: 200ohm/ 2kohm/ 20kohm/ 200kohm+ _( 0.8% +2) 2Mohm/ 20Mohm+ _( 1.0% +2).
Regularity: 200kHz.
Capacitance: 2000uF.
Diode check: Resplution: 0.001 V, Will dispaly the forward decline voltage.
Continuity check: If determined resistance much less compared to 100Ω , will buzzer is sounded. Sound noisally, Easliy to listen to.