Digital Multimeter, LIUMY Pocket Auto Ranging Circuit Testers with NCV AC DC Voltage Current Ampere Meters, Diode/ Continuity

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LIUMY has been concentrated on creating instrumentation tools, just to be able to use tools and also tools to enhance life.

LIUMY Pen – Multimeter have a large range of functions, job fast, secure and very easy.
✔ Various Usages:
This instrument complies with GB/T 13978-92for electronic multimeter technological criteria, in addition to Gb4793. 1-1995( IEC-61010-1:2001) safety requirements for electronic measuring tools with a safety and security category of CAT III 600V.
The meter could troubleshoot a range of automotive and also house electric troubles securely as well as accurately.Widely made use of in the school, laboratory, factory and other social area.
✔ Easy to Carry:
Pocket size design, only 0.22 pound, carry, plus making use of alligator clip more convenient and also more loosened up.
✔ Safe for your life:
This Multimeter is a professional, mobile meter with a LCD display. It is simple to utilize with one hand, overload defense given, reduced battery indicator, buzzer care safeguards your security.

– DC voltage: 200mV/2V/20V/ 200v600v +-( 0.7 percent +2).
– AC voltage: 200mV/2V/20V/ 200v+-( 0.8 percent +3), 600v+-( 1.0 percent +3).
– Resistance: 200ω+-( 1.0 percent +3), 2kω/ 20kω/ 200kω/ 2mω+-( 1.0 percent +1), 20mω+-( 1.0 percent +5).
– DC current: 20MA/200ma+-( 1.5 percent +3).
– Air Conditioning current: 20MA/200ma+-( 2.0 percent +3).
– Continuity: If determined resistance is less than 50ω, buzzer will certainly appear.
– Non-Contact Air Conditioning Voltage Detection: > 50V Air Conditioner Logic Level Test: 0 ~ 1.5 V (Green LED on) 1.5 V ~ 3.5 V (Green & RED LED off) 3.5 V ~ 5V (RED LED on).

Present: 2000 Counts √.
Tasting price: approximately 3 times per second.
Automatic shut-down time: 10 mins.
Power supply: 2 x 1.5 Aaa batteries (include) √.

Plan list:.
1 x LIUMY Pen-Multimeter.
1 x Test lead.
1 x Alligator clip.
2 x AAA Battery.
1 x English Manual.
1 x Carrying Bag.

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