Trend C162X1/4TC TREND C162X1/4TC Dovetail 12.7mm Diameter X 104 Degrees Guided 1 Silver

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These cutters are for use with the Nutool and also Axminster Power Tool Centre Dovetail Jigs. Dimensions: D= 12.7 mm C= 12.7 mm OL= 63 mm B= 12.7 mm A= 104 degrees Shank Diameter= 1/4 inch Shank Diameter: 1/4 Grade: TCT Diameter Imperial: 1/2 Diameter Metric: 12.7 Cut Length Imperial: 1/2 Cut Length Metric: 12.7 Overall Length Metric: 63 Bearing Diameter Metric: 12.7 Angle: 104

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