Trend EB/PC/3 Easibolt connecting bolt 3 pack – Silver

Panel screw ports with Easibolt clips to attach a worktop joint with each other. The Easibolt clip will certainly keep the metal worktop screw in position on the bottom of the worktop as well as leave both hands totally free for tightening or levelling which conserves time as well as is less frustrating as the bolts will certainly not befall. The Easibolt clip is a plastic component that is placed over the screw as well as put ready in the screw recess cut out in the underside of the worktop. For usage with jigs that produce a 14.5 mm broad bolt slot (31.5 mm jig port size with 30mm guide bush as well as 12.7 mm cutter). The Easibolt can be left fitted to the screw and left sitting. For use with 150mm screws. Dimensions: Total length= 150 mm To match screw slot size= 14.5 mm To fit bolt slot size= 31.5 mm